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You see them in movies, high school boys with big, broad shoulders and a constant grimace. They stomp around the school, yelling at smaller kids, and grabbing lunch money from the guy shivering in the corner while simultaneously giving two other kids a wedgie. You know, the guy who doesn’t know how to speak quietly, the one who keeps heckling, “retard”, “fat ass”, “loser”, “stupid”, “idiot”, “ugly” at all of the seemingly normal kids surrounding you. Yeah, him. The guy that people are only friends with because they don’t want to end up intimidated, hurt or humiliated by him.  The one that no one ever confronts, except for the principal, who contacts his parents, sends him home for a few days, until the cycle begins again.

You know that girl? The one who always curls her hair perfectly? The one who keeps whispering to her little clique of friends and pointing and laughing at you. The girl who keeps reaching across your desk in math class and poking your stomach with her pencil. Yeah, her. The girl that every other girl wants to be like, only because they feel completely insecure around her and pray for some kind of relief.

These are your stereotypical bullies. As adults they are sometimes our bosses or neighbours, or the guy who just ran us off the road. They are the “in your face, hard ass, straight up, hard core, intimidators”. Everyone knows who they are and most people steer clear.

NOT ALL BULLIES ARE STEREOTYPICAL. Don’t trick yourself into thinking someone isn’t a bully, just because they are nice sometimes or they don’t constantly act tough.

Today is Pink Shirt Day. My 7 year old went to school today proudly wearing his pink shirt. We’ve talked about bullying since he was a toddler. I hate it. I hate to see people being torn down and made to feel so tiny and small. I don’t want him to ever feel that way – but let’s face it, he probably will at some point. When and if that happens, I want him to feel confident, strong and able to pick up for himself without feeling inferior or intimidated. I want him to be the kid who sees a bully picking on another child and stands up to the bully before things escalate.

. albert

It’s time to be strong together… no matter our age, body type, race, sexual orientation, religion. Let’s end this. Let’s not be scared to be called a “tattle tale” or “narc”. Let’s tell someone! Hell, let’s tell everyone! SPEAK UP! STAND UP! Nothing will ever change if we just sit around and watch people get torn down and beaten up!

A very wise man once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We’re not insane! Let’s step up, step out, accept differences, embrace change and break the chains of bullying! We can do it. Parents, now is your chance to instill the right values in your children.  Teens, I promise you, the way you THINK your peers see you, is most definitely distorted. I was a teenager once and looking back I wish I had stood up in certain situations – when someone needed my help, but I was too concerned with what other people would think of me.

Be good. Do good. Lift each other up. Positivity will make the bullies disappear – and if you’re lucky, maybe even convert them to happiness! Trust me.




“I can’t believe your 15 month old still drinks milk from a bottle.”

“Oh my god! You didn’t even TRY to breast feed your children? What a shame. They have missed out on one of life’s most precious gifts.”

“I never use baby powder on my child. I don’t want him to suffocate.”

“I can’t believe you’re forward facing you child. She isn’t even 2 yet! What if you get in a car accident?”

“You let your child have a cookie as a treat sometimes? She will definitely be a diabetic.”

Listen…  entitled mom… Go to hell!

I am a good mom and my children are happy and healthy. Leave me alone. Why must you judge? What makes you so special and so important that you can bash every mother who doesn’t do things by the book, or the way YOU do things? What are you trying to prove?

I will not apologize to you, for not taking your advice. I will not feel bad for not doing things the way you do them, because I am not you, and I never want to be you! I never want to make other moms feel inferior or bad for not being the most up to date mom around.  I will never make snide remarks if I hear a mother say she sometimes bribes her kids with food, just for a moments peace, after a long day!

I don’t fit your standards of perfection. I will never be perfect. I never want to be perfect. Sometimes I make decisions – knowing they AREN’T perfect, just to make other moms feel like it’s alright to NOT follow the norm! I’m sick and tired of seeing moms judge each other – constantly (I’m sure some dads are judgemental assholes, as well.. but today we’re talking about the moms).

What gives you the right to look at another woman and tell her she’s wrong, and make her feel like the worst mom alive, just because she uses a blanket to cover her baby at night, instead of the new and trendy sleep sack (which apparently significantly decreases the chances of a baby dying of SIDS. How am I even here? How did my mom survive as a baby? How did her mom survive? The blankets didn’t kill them… *gasp*).

Guess what? I’m not perfect.. did you hear that the first time I said it? No mother is perfect. A lot of us try.. and as long as our kids are safe and cared for, what’s the problem? Why waste energy worrying about all of the things you’re doing wrong when you could be rolling around on the floor with your two year old, having the time of your life? Who makes you feel like a bad mom? I’m pretty sure it’s not you.. it’s the people around you, trying to influence the way you do things.

I’m writing this on behalf of all of the moms who feel unconfident. The moms who cry at the end of the day, because they feel like a failure. This is for the moms who constantly feel pressure to be the stereotypical mom, but feel like they can’t get it right. I’m writing this for all of the moms who try so hard to be the best mom they can possibly be, only to end up being beat down, every day  by another woman who thinks she is God.

I personally DO NOT give a rats ass what anyone thinks of MY parenting skills, but I know some moms really struggle. Always remember – no one knows your situation. No one knows the in’s and out’s of your life, on a daily basis. Only you can make the decisions that are right for you and your family! Keep it up! You’re doing a great job!

We should be raising each other up, not putting each other down! Being a mom is a hell of a hard job – especially the first time around (let me tell you, I remember having a my first child, like it was yesterday, and it wasn’t easy).

I’m not trying to bully “entitled moms” but I’m also not afraid to take a stand against them. What happens in your home when no ones watching, all knowing mother? Did you just give your child a cookie? I bet most entitled moms are far from perfect. Who knows why they NEED to constantly point out our “faults”.

As hard as it may be, we just need to ignore these women. Some people will never change and never know how to properly treat other people. I’m pretty sure all of the psychologists offices across the world would be filled on the daily if all of these women had to seek help for their mass of insecurities.
Please just keep being the awesome mom that you are. Never let anyone belittle you. We all struggle as mothers from time to time and the pressures of society only intensify things.

Never give up!

I want to apologize for the frankness of this post, but I just can’t bring myself to do so. It is what it is, and it is my opinion. We’re all in this together!
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