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This will be my first ever blog post (if livejournal posts from 10 years ago doesn’t count).

A few things about me before we get started:

  • I have been obsessed with writing since a young child.
  • I wrote my first and last book in the┬áthird grade. It was about a friendly giant that visited our town. My classmates drew the illustrations.
  • Because of the above statement I am now a pro writer.
  • I can’t lie (I am not a pro, and I will never be a pro).
  • I have an opinion on almost everything, but not in the judgmental “oh-my-God-I-hate-you-for-thinking-that-way-because-your-opinion-differs-from-mine” kind of way.

My posts will be real. I will not sugar coat anything – ever. Unless, of course, it has to do with cute furry animals or squishy babies. They are exceptions.

I love to see things from different perspectives and seeing the silver lining in the worst of situations. Stay tuned for fun reads, angry rants, random reviews and taboo topics!

Lots of love,